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T H E R E S A  C R E D E L L A ' s  S T O R Y :

    Before working with Peter Michael I suffered from low back,  neck pain and stiffness for over 30 years. This injury was due to an auto accident that I had in my 20’s and it changed my life. Prior to the accident, I was an athlete and lead an active life. Over the years I have spent so much time, money and energy going to different practitioners: Chiropractors, massage therapists, Rolfers, acupuncturists, etc., and although they had good intentions, they couldn’t help me. I felt depressed and hopeless! I missed dancing among other things. The biggest limitation was that I couldn’t sit comfortably for more than 1 hour at a time without having pain and stiffness in my sacrum and low back. This really limited my ability to work and live a normal life. I couldn’t even go to the movies!  

    I met Peter at a Thrive workshop that I signed up for to help me with my coaching business. I was excited about the workshop but very anxious about the 10-11 hour days where I had to be mostly sitting at this 3-day event! The only way I could get through it was to lie down on a mat in the back of the room. When another participant introduced me to Peter I was skeptical at first that he could help me. I was also nervous since I’m very sensitive and have had practitioners injure me more. I knew from the moment Peter laid his gentle, healing hands on me that I could trust him. At the end of the 1st treatment, it was like I had a new body! I could stand up straight and felt an ease in my body that I hadn’t felt for 30 plus years. I could breathe better as well and the best part is that this feeling didn’t go away after the massage! It carried through my week as well.

    Because of geographical distance, I’m only able to receive treatment once a month from Peter. Still, I noticed a significant improvement while sitting at the last workshop and I feel so grateful to have my body back. I even went dancing last week. Yay! Thank you Peter! You have changed my life! :-)


V I C T O R I A  D O W N S ' s  S T O R Y :

    I injured my left hip at a Thrive event and for 1 month I was having pretty crippling hip pain. It was like I had a big knot on my hip and it was extremely difficult and painful trying to get in and out of the car.  It was also hard to sit for a period of time. I tried taking Advil and nothing helped the pain. A friend recommended a session with Peter and after the 1st session the pain was almost totally gone. Even though every once in a while it would flare a little bit, I would change my body position as Peter taught me so that there was a natural lordosis in my low back. This really helped me while treating my own clients. I came back for a 2nd session since it was still bothering me, mostly during long car rides, and Peter also started working on my knees. I’ve had knee issues my whole life. Since the 2nd session the pain has not returned and it’s been months!  

    I would highly recommend Peter to family and friends!

J O A N N A  G A M E Z ' s  S T O R Y :

    I’m a former massage therapist and I’ve had a lot of body work and I think Peter’s work in AMAZING! He is the best body worker on the planet. He’s magical! I came to Peter with chronic muscle tension in my neck and stress patterns in my body as a result of childhood emotional trauma and those patterns are hard to change.  When I’ve had deep massages in the past, my body would tense up afterwards. Peter’s gift is that he can get into areas that other body workers can’t have access to due to people’s protective mechanisms. He compassionately can get into tissues that would ordinarily be guarded. After his sessions, I feel different in the way I stand and move. Initially, I feel off, but I’m actually more aligned and I always feel better afterwards. :-)

    A bodywork session with Peter is like having God himself give you a massage!

K E I A  D .' s  S T O R Y

    Before coming to see Peter, I had been working with a chiropractor for about a year for a “loose S1 joint.”   I had occasional pain at the base of my spine, near my right glute that would be aggravated by high-intensity activities & also sitting too long. This pain had been present for over 1 year. Occasionally, I’d feel more pain than others so I had to limit high-impact activities I enjoyed, like running and dancing because it would aggravate the pain.

    Since I had tried chiropractic and a physical therapist for 5 months, without resolving this issue, I sought help with Peter Michael. Peter was great!  He is a great teacher and helped me get in tune with my body. I also love his philosophy that the best state is a “relaxed” state. He also helped me correct some old beliefs I had about posture that would lead to shoulder tension!

    After Peter worked on my S1 joint for just one session, it was like magic!  He had me verify in the mirror and also by checking into how my body felt. It was amazing!  After over a year working with a chiro, Peter was able to fix this problem quickly in one session.

    Now, I am able to return to more high impact activities without the fear of aggravating my S1 joint, which is great!

I would absolutely recommend Peter to family and friends.

L E S L I E  G U N T E R S O N ' s  S T O R Y

    I hurt my toe 6 years ago and last May, I had surgery on my it. This created some arthritis pain which was causing me to limp.  After the surgery the limping started getting worse. Then 4 months ago it started affecting my hips, which would go out of alignment easily. This also put a lot of muscle strain on my low back and left leg.

    This really affected my day to day life.  I couldn't walk straight. I often experienced hip pain and stiffness which prevented me from moving freely and dancing.

    I’ve been seen a chiropractor for the last 2 1/2 years and it has helped temporarily. But, he had to keep putting my hips back in place.

    After Peter’s treatment the stiffness in my left leg was gone and he opened up a lot of movement in my hips. My hips then stayed in alignment and I wasn’t experiencing any more pressure or pain on my toe while walking. After the sessions with Peter I felt much more in alignment, physically energized, yet relaxed.  Instantly I felt I could move my hips better which meant I could dance again and it was easier to walk as well.

    I have recommended Peter to several people.

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