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A Brief History

I’ve worked in the healing arts since 1974. I trained and certified in massage therapy, Neo-Reichian therapy, Rolfing, Aston-Patterning, and was mentored by Joseph Heller just before he founded Hellerwork. After that in 1980 I was hired by Dr. Max Negri, M.D., F.A.C.S. to help his patients pre- and post- surgery. I worked for two years before he retired. I learned a great deal by studying everything I could find about the patients in this environment. My work there was extremely helpful and effective.


Throughout the 80’s I worked with M.D.’s, Chiropractors, N.D.’s, and continued to develop effective modes to add to what was, at that time, the beginning of my masterwork, and the groundwork for The Michael Method.


In the 90’s I worked for Long Beach Memorial’s Pain Management Medical Center, under the direction of Gary S. Rinzler, M.D., M.P.H. a Physiatrist and superb physician. The patients there were workers comp cases of near or total disability, after 5 years of full medical support. They were on the brink of being cast as 'Permanent and Stationary' and I was their last resort. Criteria for success in their treatment program, outlined by Worker's Comp, was full detox of all narcotic medication and 50% pain reduction sustained for six months past discharge from treatment. All patients discharged were interviewed by Dr. Timothy Sams, a Medical Psychologist. In the six years of my work there, 80% of my patients reported success.


For the past 20 years I’ve worked in the private sector. I help people who want to live their full potential and feel held back by some physical condition. In managing my own health I have studied the effects of improved balance on the body's ability to correct discomfort and pain. So far as to say I have found that a body, in harmony with gravity, can possess an integrity that removes the opportunity for chronic pain to exist. Over the course of my career and life, I have paid special attention to this in my patients, as well as in my own body.


In the course of my life I have overcome three serious injuries and survived twenty years of inflammation (medically classed as ‘neurological crisis’) and suffered pain that went undiagnosed until a chance encounter with a homeopathic chemical analysis. The device used found very high doses of four insecticides plus Agent Orange. As it happened, I had been exposed to those exact chemicals every summer for three years in my teens (thirty years before) when I worked a summer job on a tree farm. I was healed with homeopathic remedies. From the horror and despair of my own experience of chronic pain, and the despair it can create, I decided to do everything within my abilities to relieve pain and suffering in those who suffer the same as I have, especially when all common avenues have been exhausted.


Currently I am devoted to helping people of all ages free themselves from persistent pain and stiffness, and to become looser, lighter, stronger, and better balanced through my bodywork and movement education. I help people feel twenty years younger than they are, as I do, because everything I teach I have lived, learned, and practice every day.


Work with me and set yourself free.

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