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The  Michae Method

Transformative Healing Bodywork since 1975


Meet Dr. Michael

Dr. Peter Michael has been working alongside medical professionals (i.e. sports medicine, orthopedic surgery) since the 1970's to address the gaps in pre- and post-injury pain management within allopathic medicine.

He currently works out of his home in Beverly Hills, where he continues to repair bodies of all ages and states of well-being, with a rate of success unparalleled in the world of wellness and rehabilitation.

Born in 1944, Dr. Michael celebrated his 78th birthday in 2022. He plans to continue his healing practice for twenty more years or so. He says he'll stop when he gets tired.

For more about Dr. Michael read A Brief History

Healing Hands Testimonials

"I will never forget the moment he had me stand in the mirror after doing some work on my scoliosis. I burst into tears of joy and disbelief as I saw my shoulders even with one another"

"If you've got pain, especially long-standing chronic patterns of tough movement or pain, have a good consult with Dr. Peter and see if your body is ready for healing."

"He has eliminated my chronic lower back pain!  He also helped my uncle who has had a failed surgery and is in chronic pain 24/7- Peter helped him actually get out of pain!  Something my uncle thought was impossible!   I would recommend him to ANYONE!"

"I have experienced different body workers, and for me Peter is the one body worker I would recommend to anyone. His knowledge of the human body and how the muscles work together guide his gifted hands, and they work miracles. Old and long-term muscle issues, posture challenges, or recent injuries are all resolved with his magic touch."

"Outstanding. Revolutionary. One hour with the Michael Method and your body never had it so good."

The Studio
Healing Bodywork - The Michael Method
Peter Michael, PhD


It hurts, right? I really understand and I can help you very quickly to reduce and/or eliminate the pain. Call me for a free 30-minute phone consultation.
Questions? Write or call.
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Healing Bodywork - The Michael Method

821 S. Bedford St.

Los Angeles, CA

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